Entry: and its 2008 Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Can't believe that it's already 2008.
2007 was a very eventful year for me.

Jan - May was in Sydney. <<-- best time evaaarrrrrrr
Went to Melbourne in April.
Came back to Malaysia in May.
Started working in June, quit in August.
Bummed around in Sept.
Started working again Oct .
Bought a car in Dec.

Usually, I not all that happening so I guess it's been quite an interesting year.

AS for resolutions (which is a must anyway even if it doesnt really gets fulfilled; more like a ritual to welcome the new year haha)

+ Lose weight (I mean, isnt this on every women's list since 1998?)
   and it includes, eating in moderate proportion (I can't say dont eat at all, I'm a glutton. So reducing portion makes it more real) Since coming back from Sydney, I lost em, 3-4 happy kgs? didn,t do much, I guess it was just the air in Aus that makes one looks fatter. HAHA.

+ Go to gym 3 times a week.
3 times a week, come one! It's not that hard right,?? RIGHT ?? Will frequent yoga / bodybalance classes, Bodystep and Bodyattack.
Talking abt gym, yeah I need to lose 11 % body fat and about 12 kgs of body weight. gee. Not really sure bout that since its CNY soonnn !! Oh but braces is also coming soon. So the goal shud be nearer. HAHA

+ Be a btich at work

+ Get a hobby
Forgoodness sake. it's been too much of work lately that all I'm thinking of is work! So, I should pick up something new. Don't know what yet, maybe a language, or .... ok what else can I do ?? No, I dont collect stamps or any collectibles. Or read. or do any sports that involves too much of money. See, what else can I do ??

+ Have better money, human and time management
My friends couldnt believe that I dont shop anymore! Why ? Because I dont dare to ! If I shop, I wouldnt have money to pay for petrol, toll and the 100 rests of installments!! (car, mixer, insurance, gym) PLus, I dont have a credit card to use during emergencies (I mean REAL EMERGENCY, like you only have RM5 when there's very minimal petrol in the tank and u're stuck somewhere, no money for toll, and u're hungry!) Half of my pay goes to the car, petroll and toll. Half of the remaining half goes to my parents, so they pay my insurance and also for them lah. The other remaining quarter, is to eat, pay parking, phone bills and dogs aand gym !! SEE !!!! where lah got money for shopping leh. So sad.

Time management, Well, everyone needs a bit of that to, not procrastinate so much, finish work within deadline, work efficiently and make time for gym, to sleep, dogs, to rest, friends and to bum around. and to experiment on some new desserts!

Human managment. I tell u, this is very very new to me but, BUT BUT I am going to handle it.

+ Travel somewhere.
just ONE place... just ONE nearby place! even bangkok or singapore is considered. Ok, east malaysia is fine with me too.

+ Paint my room.

+ Recycle.


Have a blessed year ahead and may all your wishes and resolutions come true.


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April 2, 2008   07:22 PM PDT
go bring ur dog and train for competiton....a really cheap and satisfying hobby..!
Furkids in Hong Kong
February 7, 2008   06:58 AM PST
Wishing you a Happy CNY of the Rat.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Alicia Wern
January 8, 2008   09:53 PM PST
I'll join u in gym when i'm back...i put on Xxx amount of weights here...arghhhhh...

yes, lets travel somewhere...bali (cheap n nice)?

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