Entry: good morning Tuesday, November 13, 2007

its so bad to have money cause there's temptations everywhere... Eh wth am I talking..... I meant i'ts good to have money but just keep them somewhere safe. Haha..

But seriously these are not temtations. I think they're a neccessity (fk how to spell)

- car
- braces (fk how to spell again)
- gym

and that's all I can afford for now.... (that's also by installment. yah, braces can pay installment wan ah ??) seriously I cannot afford like any figures with 4 digits...
I've waited for the government one for .. since 2004 ?? or 2003 ?

Oh why is my niece so cute

On a total unrelated note, KLang is such a horrible place to live in nowadays. Can u believe. Traffic jam monday tuesday wednesday till sunday. from Morning till Night.. 3 something also.. Non stop !!! go to work, jam. Come back from work, Jam. Weekends, Jam. Tea time, jam. Evening, jam. Hello... give us a break !!!!!

People get more short-tempered when they're stuck in so much traffic jams. Please build more roads. But don't waste people's money and build without PROPER PLANNING. It's not proper to propose few millions just to build a jejantas (so some people can take duit kopi) and then to tear it down. We know where your 5 series come from... -.-"


November 18, 2007   10:31 PM PST
gosh she grew!!!! i just watched her blowing the candles of kid's birthday cake video over and over again, cant stop laughing, she is one cutie.

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