Entry: our country is a joke Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things are getting ridiculously expensive these days. With the current price hike in ingredients, a bowl of mee now cost RM3.80 from RM3.50. HEllo, 30 cents ? Hawker people are sometimes, trying to kill us indirectly and slowly. (I'm talking about average people who earn average pay. Not millionaires or the riches)

It's reaaly stupid!! and our country is really a joke.

Instead of funding the poverty, we're sending another man to space to breath space air. Oh I forgot, its vaccumm up there.

Instead of improving on the public transport system, Toll and Petrol prices are getting higher and higher each year. Salary range IS still the same what it was 5 years back but petroll and toll has increased more than 50% for sure.

So, higher toll + higher petrol + higher food + higher everything else = same old pay. Doesnt make sense does it ? For those earning 3k and above, no need to worry lah but what about those earning just 1k ?? How to save money ? It's like, what you earn this month, you spend it all this month. And if there's 1 month without income, you die. There's really no point loh.. Purpose of life = 0

I overheard a conversation, that some places are not going to pay bonuses to employees. and no increament in salary. *super bummer*

And they can say, oh, our petrol prices are still lower than alot of countries. But, don't they know out living expenses are as high as mountain!! Even higher than Australia.

Say if you earn 2k (mind you after epf is only 17++), you have an average car that needs installment every month and you travel from Shah alam to KL for work 6 days a week. and you eat averagely about RM10 per meal. And you only work, eat and sleep. No shopping no smoking no drinking no traveling no dating aka no life. How much money can you save in a month??  500 ? if you smoke ? 400 ? if you drink ? 300? if you shop ? = 200.? If you date ? = 0 ?? Hurmph


Instead of having better road system (to avoid major traffic jams) more buildings are being built NEXT to the existing road. Hmmm, and then complain about the jam.

and the most ridiculous article i've read so far today is.... MALAYSIA'S FIRST ANGKASAWAN needs to be single for the next 2 years so he can concentrate on space projects. I dont know whether to laugh or cry that I'm living in such a place that doesnt THINK before they do something..... Or care so much about what's happening in Space that they dont think about dirty rivers, or roads with huge holes, or high crime rates.

Don't even talk about higher crime rates. I'm sure there'll be more pencuris and rapists since everything is so freaking expensive now....

SERIOUSLY I DONT GET IT. WHAT'S THE FUCKING BIG DEAL ABOUT MALAYSIA'S FIRST ANGKASAWAN. DID HE HELPED THE POOR? DID HE HELP BOOST THE ECONOMY? PLease lah aiyoh... its so ridiculously stupid man. why care about whats up there when whats down here isnt fixed yet????

Its like learning how to fly when you can't crawl. Its no longer the walk-run combination.

I am no longer proud of our country.


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November 13, 2007   12:05 AM PST
I agree 101% with you on that stupid angkasawan issue!! It's absolutely waste of money!

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