Entry: that one off post Monday, November 05, 2007

A couple of days back I was wondering how come I dont go shopping anymore and the only things I buy are shoes and bras. or bags. I used to be a serial shopaholic that buys just about anything without thinking twice. Since I came back, I ONLY bought 1 top, 1 pair of shoe and a bag and some bras and that's like since MAY 2007. I thought, maybe I finally knew how to control myself financially or maybe I was just really broke because of my then-ultra low-close to non-existence wages. And furthermore, there wasn't any purpose of dressing nice to work because I work in a kitchen, so shopping's been cut down a hell lot since.

But till Friday night, I went Bangsar shopping ( to reward myself cause I found a new job and  to compensate my so-many-months of not shopping .. AND also to get some new clothes cause I need to look nice to work now. AND cause I couldnt fit into my old clothes. ) AND I didn't buy anything. I told my friend and she almost couldnt believe it. Then I went shopping on Saturday because I didn't buy anything. I went into alot of shops, tried alot of things (within budget lah).... and I found out that ... I almost cannot fit into anything and look fat in everything. I was kinda in shock. Actually it was more saddening than anything else.

I cannot wear skinny jeans and they're FREAKING EVERYWHERE
Sorry but I cannot wear leggings too
I refuse to wear lycra stuff because they make me look fatter
I cannot find tops that are at the right length (either too short or too bloody long)
I hate all the frills and laces and ruffles and all. Actually I dont mind, but not FRONT BACK LEFT RIGHT of the damn shirt.
I rotate the same few shirts week in week out

Buying clothes now are as picky as looking for a boyfriend.

and So, my new year resolution IS (I dont wanna be greedy to have countless fad  resolutions ) I AM going to lose 15 kgs within the whole of next year. DONT come and tell me 15 kgs is alot, or stress so much over it because if anyone can lose 7 kgs in 2 months, I CAN lose 15 kgs in a year.

now, I need a gym partner...


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