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Monday, December 24, 2007

counting the days

its less than 24 hrs to christmas

its less than a week before the shop opens. (it's exciting and scary at the same time)

its about 1 week away from 2008 (working on new year's, not too fun)

its around 1 1/2 months to Chinese New Year (oh yay, angpow!! I was ang-pow-less this year cause I was in SYdney, and hello blackjacks!! tee hee)

its 2 months before, i get braces <------ omg

this whole braces thing has been driving me circles. Many many years back, I went to the government orthodontist to get braces. Then, they asked me to queue because my problems weren't that serious. So I waited and waited and waited till I've forgotten about it.

Then, late this year, I've decided to go to the private sector and get some braces (which would eventually cost me maybe 5 or 6 times more than the government one, but since it's installment-method, I reckon RM100 - RM200 off my pay wouldnt be THAT bad.. ) And then I decided only to get the braces in 2008 (when I have increament or something lah..) So put braces aside.

Then this morning after I woke up, I found this letter addressed to me dated at February 2007 asking me to go for the braces thing in March 2007. I was like .. WTF, it's DECEMBER now ... and then I called back and said, I was still in Sydney when the letter came, so I wouldnt quite possibly have known about it. Then she put me on hold, and got me a new date for me to have my braces, 4th Feb at first. But since it's SO FREAKING close to CNY, I wanna be able to eat all the damn cookies, So I asked for a later date. and 25th Feb it will be.

I'm pretty excited, but also pretty darn scared !!!!

*must eat all the chewing gum now!!*

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

Posted at 06:32 pm by rendezvous
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

so wrong yet so right

hair cut = check
car = check
gym = check
lose weight ... = soon

I'm starting to feel pressured.. with all the hoo haas around me, i'm feeling all the "what if..." again.. what if i can't handle them. what if i can't meet the requirements. what if its not consistent.. aiyo why do i have such freaking low self esteem..

and am also starting to feel some peer-pressure.. everyone's a couple now and i feel so like a lampost and out of place at times.. (actually ALL the time)

and my eye is itching so badly.

I'm really happy that I've decided to re-join gym. Its only RM150/month... It's my only way to losing weight. But now i really need a gym partner to motivate us..... I went to bangsar again and as usual, didnt buy anything from there. Haha. I love going to bangsar cause I know I wont spend money.. But I'm also sad cause their clothes dont fit. But in a way, its a good thing... but sometimes its also sad.. wtf am i talking.

I like my new hair cut.!! and i also like my hairstylist cause he can cut my hair. I'm quite fussy about who cuts my hair. I need to have some sorts of assuring that he or she can handle short hair well.... I've been changing hairstylists all the time cause i'm always not satisfied with what they've done to my hair. But this time, I can say, looks likely I'll be going back to the same place if I need a haircut....

can't wait till the gym opens !! 8th 8th 8th !!!!! whooooo !!! I'm so excited abt gym! I'm mad

Posted at 01:29 am by rendezvous
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

good morning

its so bad to have money cause there's temptations everywhere... Eh wth am I talking..... I meant i'ts good to have money but just keep them somewhere safe. Haha..

But seriously these are not temtations. I think they're a neccessity (fk how to spell)

- car
- braces (fk how to spell again)
- gym

and that's all I can afford for now.... (that's also by installment. yah, braces can pay installment wan ah ??) seriously I cannot afford like any figures with 4 digits...
I've waited for the government one for .. since 2004 ?? or 2003 ?

Oh why is my niece so cute

On a total unrelated note, KLang is such a horrible place to live in nowadays. Can u believe. Traffic jam monday tuesday wednesday till sunday. from Morning till Night.. 3 something also.. Non stop !!! go to work, jam. Come back from work, Jam. Weekends, Jam. Tea time, jam. Evening, jam. Hello... give us a break !!!!!

People get more short-tempered when they're stuck in so much traffic jams. Please build more roads. But don't waste people's money and build without PROPER PLANNING. It's not proper to propose few millions just to build a jejantas (so some people can take duit kopi) and then to tear it down. We know where your 5 series come from... -.-"

Posted at 11:51 am by rendezvous
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