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Thursday, September 06, 2007

so sad

movie overdosed

The Secret and A Millionaire's First Love

a simple but beautiful love story. And the secret is really .... a secret.. I actually don't really fancy Jay Chou but his musical talent is beyond words. *gasp* and Anthony Wong is damn funny loh !!!

I dont know why they label it as a comedy... its so sad!!! yes its Korean again. I dont know why I keep watching Korean movies. (cause got leng chai mah..)

Tomorrow I will watch Love Undercover. HAHA... for the 354758423th time. SEriously it's the only (ok maybe ouut of the many) movie I can watch over and over and over again without feeling bored. ppfff.. Am also waiting for another movie starring Daniel Henney. It's called  My Father . I swear it's not another love story ok.

Maybe it is a love story but father-son love

I'm so free I can blog everyday. HA HA HA

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